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Pinterest Keyword Research 2023 to Rank No1

Do you want to know how to do keyword research on Pinterest or know exactly what content to write or product to create next? I’m going to show you a strategic way of doing Pinterest Keyword Research so you can stop guessing and create Pins that people are actually looking for.

Let Pinterest tell you exactly what people want and what’s going to be successful on Pinterest.

In this post, we going to talk about two things: First, how to find the best keywords on Pinterest to create new content and Second, how to find keywords that you can add to your pins to help them go viral on Pinterest.

These are the exact strategies I use in my Pinterest profile.   

The first and easiest way of doing Pinterest keyword research is going to the little search icon on top right of the dashboard and then you can scroll for ideas here. Pinterest will always show popular trends on Pinterest, some ideas related your interest, shopping ideas, etc. 

The best thing is when you start typing in something into the search bar, what Pinterest will do it it will start auto completing your search terms and suggest you some popular searches.

For example, if I type ‘skin’ here,    see the results it shows. It suggest me these topics:

skin care
skin care routine
skin care tips
skin treatments
skinny jeans outfit
skincare aesthetic
skin care products
skinny jeans

This indicate some of the ‘most searched for terms’ on Pinterest and this is really interesting method of knowing what ideas people are looking for. 

When you type anything in the search bar and then press enter, now Pinterest is going to show you all pins that are most relevant for the ‘search term’. 

Another interesting thing to note here is on top just below the search bar you can see that it also gives you cute little tiles that include additional search terms.


Now again these are search terms by actual people on Pinterest. So you can see ‘skin care routine’,  outfit snow day activities for kids snow day snack mix i love this who is looking for this apparently a lot of people are looking for snow day snack mix.


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