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How to earn with Groove Funnels Affiliate in 2023

Groove Funnels is a one-stop destination for creating sales funnels, landing pages, and websites for selling items online. It’s a brand-new tool that’s gaining a lot of attention.

In this article we will learn about the incredible affiliate program of Groove Funnels that pays on two tiers; at 40% Commission on tier one and 10% commission on tier two.

Let’s jump into it.

It’s easy to become an groove funnel affiliate, you can easily sign up, get your links and promotional tools ready to go in few minutes. When you join Groove Sell and Groove Funnels, you automatically gets signed up for Groove’s powerful affiliate program.

What makes its affiliate program more unique than anything else out there in the world is they lock every single person that you refer to them in what they call a ‘parent-child relationship’ that is hard-coded with an affiliate tag to you. Essentially, what that means is you refer somebody to Groove Funnel once and you own them for life. They are locked in and tagged to you for life.

Simply put, whenever you refer somebody to Groove Funnel, their system will tag that referral to you, hard-coded in the system; so you don’t have to worry about cookies or the referred person using another computer. You see many people like to sign up on an iPhone but later upgrade the plan on a laptop or sometimes they like to sign up a day a week or sometimes even two to three weeks or a month or months later.

With a hard-coded locked a parent-child relationship with you and the person you referred, it doesn’t matter if they sign up on an iPhone and then take a vacation to Costa Rica walk into an internet cafe, and decide to upgrade once they upgrade that person will be locked to you only. You are guaranteed to earn an affiliate commission just for referring somebody to Groove Funnel for FREE when they upgrade.

So now let’s talk about why this matters?

First of all, no one can ever take away your lead. It doesn’t matter if your lead watches a video review or a blog review after you’ve already referred them. If you have referred them and they sign up for free they are locked into you, your cookie can never be overridden.

Refer once and keep earning from your downline

It doesn’t matter at what time they upgrade and it doesn’t matter where they upgrade you will own this lead for life. Its called “first tag wins” and what that means is essentially getting somebody to sign up for free which is very easy.

Here is the most exciting part, even though they sign up for FREE, most of those users upgrade to pro for many different reasons and remember nobody can ever get credit for this upgrade other than you. Your cookies cannot be wiped out, no blog reviews or video reviews could steal your referrals, no webinars, nobody on stage, no bonuses, no one can take credit for your referrals.

As the Groove Affiliate program pays on two tiers, it’s very important for you to get started so that you can start building a downline so that you get paid on other people’s efforts and referrals now. If you referred to someone (Person A)  and he/she also refer somebody else (Person B); person B in the second level will be tagged to you in a parent-child grandchild relationship and that too for a lifetime.

If you refer a massive influencer just one person like, let’s say for example Tai Lopez or a Tony Robbins, now this influencer starts telling their people about Groove Funnel which could be hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of people over time, you will also get paid on their efforts.

Person’s efforts can pay your mortgage payment every single month. This is why it’s so important for you to start getting that word out right now.

Let’s look at the math for a quick understanding of the earning potential.

Groove Funnels have two affiliate programs one for PRO members that have paid and upgraded and one for FREE members that have not upgraded.

Pro members get double the affiliate Commission. They get paid 40% on Tier 1, for all of their efforts and 10% on their Tier 2 downlines for the efforts of the people that they referred.

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FREE members that don’t upgrade still get paid at the rate of 20% on Tier 1 and 5% on Tier 2.

It might be a good thing for you to upgrade as well because when you invest in Groove Funnels, it invests in you.

Each free referral that you refer is going to result on average $9.60 commission to you. Let’s break down these numbers. These are based on FREE signups on average and not sales, which means if you referred on average about 10 people, Groove Funnels is going to pay you about $90.60. When you refer hundred people, you will be paid $900.60 to your account, and now over the next weeks and months to come if you prefer over a thousand people that will result on average to about $9,000 and so on.

Depending on your influence this could take few months or several months but when you reach about 5000 referrals you could expect to have earned $48,000 and that’s why you want to set a goal for some time whether it’s in 6 months, a year, or two years for you to refer 10,000 people because that’s going to result on average about $96,000 to you.

These numbers are for pro members and you can expect half if you’re a FREE member. But if you are good at marketing, that’s a good reason for you to upgrade now.

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These metrics are true when somebody signs up on day one. But many people do like to upgrade after some days or weeks sometimes even after a month and the Groove team continues to market to those people with retargeting and onboarding processes an email follow-up sequence so you can rest assured they will do their very best to convert these people to an upgraded customer.

Most of them will upgrade if they have any type of serious business online. It’s very important to understand that $9.60 on average, those numbers do not even include the 2nd Tier.

So these numbers can be exponentially different as the people that you refer to start to refer other people. Groove Funnels is going to train them with their program and marketing tools. So you just need to make sure you’re getting everybody you know and everybody you can reach including the little guys and the influencers because that second tier can really explode.

How to earn with Groove Funnels Affiliate Complete guide to Groove Funnel Affiliate (1)

Let’s see what makes it viral and so easy for you to make sales and so easy for your 2nd Tier to make sales because Groove Funnels trains them with everything possible.  

Groove Funnels Affiliate materials have pre-made copy/paste promotion tools for you:

  1. It gives you all of the stats to tell you your clicks your referrals and your sales
  2. Pre-made high converting email swipes
  3. Blog reviews
  4. Banners
  5. Thank You page ads that you could put on your Thank You pages when people opt in to your newsletter or when people buy your products.
  6. If you have any type of membership platform where people log out you can put ‘Logout Page Ads’. These ads say something like ‘Unadvertised Bonus’ so when they download your product step two is to show them this banner ‘Groove sell for FREE’.
  7. Pre-made ads for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for you,
  8. Pre-made Articles for you that you can post on blog sites
  9. Pre-made press releases that you can use at places like PR web
  10. Video reviews which you can just copy and paste and post it on Facebook and it’ll load the video with your affiliate link right underneath
  11. And finally last but not least, they have ‘Email Signatures’ which you can attach with every single time you send an email. It’s like having a PS with their message that tells people to get Groove Sell for FREE.

You never know who you might be responding with, interaction in business where someone or an influencer might sign up for Groove Sell.

So make sure to do all these steps.

Always remember that first Tag WINS. That’s why it’s very important for you to get started right now, make use of all of the promotion tools, and make sure to do every single step because that’s going to give you the greatest opportunity.

  1. Make referrals and make sales
  2. Build your sub army of affiliates underneath you that will be earning you income as well

Start before someone else beats you to it. Remember this is your opportunity, take the first mover’s advantage to go out and tag or get anybody to convert because it’s easy and it’s free and then they’re locked into you for life and the people they refer are also locked in under a parent-child grandchild relationship.

But if you wait even a day or let somebody else beat you to it they’re going to get that person converted because it’s easy and it’s free and you’ll lose any opportunity to make a referral on them or the people in their downline and that could be thousands of people so make sure to get started right away.


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