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Top 5 Productivity Tools for Affiliate Marketer

Productivity is a primary consideration when it comes to running an affiliate network. You may be looking for a strategy to get more done in less time with so many partners to keep track of.

Fortunately, there are methods to assist you to increase your productivity. You can get the greatest options for boosting your affiliate programme by becoming familiar with the latest productivity tools and technology.

We’ll talk about the necessity of efficiency in an affiliate programme in this article. Then we’ll go through five of the best productivity tools for 2021. Let’s get started!

How to run an effective affiliate program

Influencers and advertisers alike have a lot to gain from affiliate marketing, which is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022. To take advantage of that growth, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy. However, doing so in a productive manner is critical.

Running an affiliate programme may be a messy business. It’s not uncommon for communication to become jumbled or for opportunities to be lost when numerous critical actors are involved. This can consume time that could be better spent on other business-related duties, resulting in long hours or high costs.

This is where productivity tools for affiliate marketer come in handy. While each business and affiliate programme is unique, there are some best practices that apply to all. Finding tools that make your job easier can make your business more appealing to high-quality affiliates.

You may have launched your affiliate programme for a variety of reasons. You may have wanted to build customer trust, reach out to new audiences, or promote cheaply. Streamlining your workflow, regardless of your motive, might be critical to reaching your objectives.

Top 5 Productivity Tools for an Affiliate Marketer

You might want to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in a number of different ways. As a result, to build a well-rounded affiliate ecosystem, you may wish to invest in a number of solutions. Here are five different types of productivity tools that might help your affiliate network succeed.

1. Auto Analytics Tracking

Because no two marketers are the same, affiliates will earn varying commissions. Automating your metrics tracking can assist you in identifying top performers or locating partners who could benefit from some assistance.

Google Analytics, in combination with MonsterInsights, is a strong tool for this purpose:

The MonsterInsights plugin for WordPress is a useful tool does the job perfectly.

You can quickly combine your Google Analytics account with your WordPress site using MonsterInsights and examine statistics from your admin panel. You may monitor consumer demographics, track overall conversions across your website, and much more. These details may also provide your affiliates with more information about their target audiences and marketing performance.

You can also keep track of your affiliates individually. Right from your WordPress dashboard, Easy Affiliate gives you comprehensive admin options to compare reports, rank your affiliates automatically, and analyse sales down to each click.

2. Team Project Management

Your affiliates are most likely in contact with you on a regular basis. Working closely with them is frequently essential to achieve the best results. Consider implementing a solution that allows everyone to keep track of projects for both online and offline marketing.

All members of your team have simple access to a snapshot of your ongoing projects using collaborative project management solutions. As a result, you may set your affiliate expectations early on to ensure that you meet your objectives.

Trello is one option for this:

Trello allows you to make a separate “card” for each project. Custom fields for information like keywords, due dates, and word counts can be added. The most basic plan is free, while a more feature-rich one starts at $10 per month, per user.

Take advantage of free trials wherever possible. Everyone arranges their lives differently, and a test drive can help you get a sense of how a platform works before committing. Because organisational solutions can have a significant impact on project management, we encourage taking your time to identify the best fit.

3. Communication Tools

When working with several affiliates, communication is crucial. As a result, you might want to think about investing in technology that allows you to communicate with them quickly and efficiently. This can help you avoid missing communications, simplify explanations, and keep your team and affiliates on the same page.

Slack is a popular communication tool that achieves these goals:

Slack allows you to build separate channels for each of your projects or divisions. It also contains features like instant messaging, telephony, and the ability to share channels with other businesses for collaboration. Slack operates on a freemium model, with plans ranging from a free basic plan to a $12.50 per month, per user advanced plan.

Additionally, you have the option of using communication services directly from your website. Important messages can be sent directly to your affiliates’ account dashboards using our Easy Affiliate plugin. Commission tracking and a faster payment mechanism are two other ways to engage with partners.

4. Publishing and Scheduling Tool

Solutions for Scheduling
Your brand is most likely churning out a lot of material between you and your affiliates. That work, on the other hand, does not exist in a vacuum. Take control of your distribution strategy with software that synchronises your publishing and marketing calendars.

You can never miss an opportunity to promote your brand and generate sales if you take a holistic picture of your game plan. It can also assist you in maintaining a consistent posting schedule or planning for guest contributors.

Consider utilising a programme like CoSchedule if this seems beneficial to you:

Your WordPress data is synchronised on CoSchedule’s servers. This allows users to collaborate in real-time editing. The most basic package is $29 per month per user, with scaled-up alternatives available.

You might also think about using scheduling tools in new ways. For instance, you could use a calendar app to keep track of noteworthy events or sales and alert your partners so they can advertise them.

5. Links Management

Plugins for Link Management
Affiliate programmes cannot function without links. Each URL can be used to track partner performance and provide precise information on how much commission you owe. As a result, you may wish to invest in a platform that allows you to keep track of each affiliate link you send to influencers.

These kinds of tools can help you keep track of both broad trends and specific facts, giving you a more complete picture of your marketing plan. You could also be able to get data that you can utilise to give particular affiliates specific counsel.

Pretty Links is our go-to plugin for this job:

Pretty Links allows affiliates to customise the appearance and functionality of your URLs from their own websites. It also allows users to construct less complicated-looking links, which may lead to higher conversions. The cost per year for each site starts at $49 per year.


Affiliate marketing is a fast-paced business. While this can increase earnings for your company, it can also make productivity more challenging. Fortunately, there are a number of helpful tools available to help you improve your performance.

We examined the five best productivity tools for affiliate marketers in 2021 in this article:

  • Slack is an example of a tool that can help you improve your communication.
  • To acquire meaningful data, use tracking tools like MonsterInsights and Easy Affiliate.
  • CoSchedule is a content and marketing scheduling system.
  • Trello, for example, is a project management programme that connects all participants.
  • Pretty Links is a tool for organising and managing affiliate links.

Which productivity-boosting tool do you believe is the most effective? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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