10 SEMrush Alternatives For Bloggers And Affiliate Marketer

Every blogger aspires to be number one on Google Search Results. Your SEO efforts will determine whether any of your posts appears top on Google. If your post’s SEO is good, it will almost certainly rank top in Google’s search results.

However, if you prioritise SEO and use SEO tools, you can rank your post on the top page of Google with minimal effort.

SEMrush is one of the most effective SEO tools for achieving the first-page Google rank dream. SEMrush is an SEO tool that allows you to perform roughly 20+ tasks related to SEO, such as keyword research, competitor analysis, backlinks, SEO audit, on-page SEO, and social media, quickly and efficiently.

Many bloggers and Internet marketers use SEMrush as their go-to search engine tool.

However, because SEMrush subscription is a little costly, several bloggers and internet marketers do not opt for it. And if you to make to those bloggers list then you might be looking for the best SEMrush alternatives.

After intensive market research, we have come with a list of top 10 SEMrush alternatives which you must check out.

Table of Content:

10 Best SEMrush Alternatives

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Spyfu
  3. Moz
  4. Uber Suggest
  5. Kewordtool.io
  6. SEO Powersuite
  7. KW Finder
  8. BuzzSumo
  9. Superstat
  10. Google Keyword Planner

List of 10 Best SEMrush Alternatives

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1. Ahrefs

One of the top SEO tools is Ahrefs SEO Tools. SEMrush is sometimes misunderstood by many people as merely a keyword research tool.

Of course, it’s more than simply a keyword research tool. With the help of which, you may complete all of your SEO tasks using a single tool.


If you need to write a blog or create a video on any topic, Content Explorer will provide you with Content Ideas so that you may write a decent blog for your website. Alternatively, you can create videos for your YouTube channel.


Although Ahrefs SEO Tools is a paid tool, you can try it out for free for seven days. Go to Paid if you find these tools useful.


Ahref Advantages:

🟢 The Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported by this tool.

🟢 Ahref is way less expensive than SEMrush.

Ahref Disadvantages:

🔴 You won’t be able to add any more users to your account.

2. Spyfu

Keyword Research Tools’ competition is SpyFu. This application aids in the analysis of competitors’ websites so that you can stay ahead of them.

It also assists you in determining who your competitors are. You may learn about their PPC and SEO strategies as well as download their keywords.

If you pay annually, the base package of SpyFu is $396 ($33 per month), but if you pay monthly, it costs $39 per month. SpyFu, unlike the other tools in this SEO tool comparison round, such as Moz Pro and KWFinder, does not price based on search results.

Both versions offer an unlimited amount of domains, keywords, clusters, backlinks, and search results for competition/domain comparisons, as well as limitless data exports.

Spyfu Advantages:

🟢 Spyfu’s basic bundle is less expensive than SEMrush’s.

🟢 Users of Spyfu can access free learning tutorials.

🟢 SEMrush does not provide more advanced competitor research.

Spyfu Disadvantages:

🔴 Managing your own campaigns isn’t streamlined due to the optimization of competitor research.

3. Moz

This is a Moz extension that shows you the DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Spam Score, and a number of backlinks for every website. All of this information is available in one location.

You can also use Moz’s website to do a variety of tasks, including Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, My Online Presence, Free Domain Analysis, and Free Location Audit.

You are aware that everything is available to you for free. When I do my thing, I rely heavily on MozBar and Moz Website.

This is the greatest SEO tool ever devised. The premium edition of MozBar gives you access to more Moz functionalities.

Moz Advantages:

🟢 It’s quite simple to use.

🟢 There are numerous ways to learn Moz.

🟢 Free SEO tools are available.

Moz Disadvantages:

🔴 The data collection takes longer for Moz.

🔴 If a user selects the basic plan, Moz will track fewer terms.

4. Uber Suggest

Neil Patel of Digital Marketing is the creator of this technology. For bloggers who can’t afford to pay for the paid tool.

It contains the keyword for which your blog may rank, as well as other information such as – 

What is the top content?, and so on. 

Which of your blog’s keywords has the highest amount of rankings? 

How many do-follow and no-follow links do you have on your blog? 

How many natural keywords do you have on your blog? 

All of the information in your blog that is the source of the problem is displayed to you so that you can remedy it. Furthermore, many such statistics are displayed, with the help of which you can optimize your blog for SEO.

But one thing to remember is that you should never undertake keyword research on UberSuggest, and even if you do, double-check that keyword because the CPC of the keyword can sometimes be so high that even a rookie blogger can avoid it.

Uber Suggest Advantages:

🟢 It’s FREE for limited searches

🟢 There’s no need to sign up for an account.

🟢 This tool can help you generate hundreds of long-tail keyword suggestions.

Uber Suggest Disadvantages:

🔴 Keyword lists cannot be created or saved by users.

5. Kewordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is an online keyword research tool that makes hundreds of long-tail keywords relevant by utilizing Google Autocomplete.

Google Autocomplete is a Google Search function. Its goal is to make Google’s search process go faster and recommend popular searches.

There are a variety of reasons why Google Autocomplete displays a search word, one of which is that users who search frequently save Google Autocomplete in previous searches in order to improve search speed.

Keyword Tool assists you in conducting keyword research using Google Suggest. It takes data from Google Keyword Suggestion and displays it to you in a user-friendly manner.

Kewordtool.io Advantages:

🟢 Interface that is simple to use

🟢 You may produce roughly 750+ keywords in the free edition of Keyword Tool.

Kewordtool.io Disadvantages:

🔴 Work can be a little slower at times.

6. SEO Powersuite

SEO PowerSuite is a collection of four tools that will assist you in optimising websites, improving content, and running backlink campaigns.

Ranking Tracker for searching keywords, tracking rankings, and analysing competitors; Web-Site Auditor for crawling through and optimising the layout of the site, increasing page improvement; and SEO SpyGlass for identifying and evaluating website backlinks are also included in this product.

SEO Powersuite Advantages:

🟢 If you choose a one-time payment method, you can save a lot of money (annually package).

SEO Powersuite Disadvantages:

🔴 To utilise this tool, you’ll need to perform a lot of downloading.

7. KW Finder

When you first use the KWFinder, the first thing you notice is the clean, appealing interface. The various features are quite beneficial to the consumer. The software is far more efficient than any other tool I’ve tried to research keywords.

You’ll see everything you need to know about this keyword on a single screen. The excellent user experience makes keyword analysis even more reliable.

KW Finder Advantages:

Importing keywords in bulk is possible.

The UI is simple to use.

It is less expensive.

KW Finder Disadvantages:

🔴 The use of multiple tabbed research is not recommended.

8. BuzzSumo

You can see which posts on a keyword are becoming viral or getting more shares on social media. This can help you figure out what kind of post to publish that will be shared more widely on social media. You can look at the website’s content and create your post accordingly.

Randwatch, a London-based social intelligence organisation, is the brains behind this software bundle. Their product is employed as a key to boosting their productivity, workflow, and content success for their users, based on their industry experience, which has helped Whirlpool, Walmart, and Dell develop.

BuzzSumo Advantages:

🟢 Maintain simple user interface and user experience.
🟢 Provide factual information.
🟢 Have wide range of topic/question ideas.

BuzzSumo Disadvantages:

🔴 There are less features.

9. Superstat

Serpstat is a paid keyword research tool that aids in the selection of a more appropriate term. Keywords can be gathered in a variety of methods.

It displays information gleaned from Google’s search suggestions. It’s intended to assist organisations in improving their SEO performance in important areas including marketing, search analytics, and content marketing, among others.


You can see who is performing well in search engine rankings and how you may outperform them. Serpstat can also be used to examine backlink reports.


It’s an SEO, PPC, and content marketing growth hacking tool. It’s an excellent tool for backlink analysis, rank tracking, keyword research, competitor analysis, and site auditing.

Superstat Advantages:

🟢 It has a good keyword research feature.

🟢 Allows for a lot of rank tracking.

Superstat Disadvantages:

🔴 There is no free trial available.

🔴 In comparison to Ahrefs, there aren’t as many website/competitor backlinks displayed.

10. Google Keyword Planner

The best place to begin keyword research is Google Keyword Planner. It was created for advertising, but by tweaking your search results, you may utilise it to find organic terms.

In this section, you must enter your keyword and choose a nation. As a result, it will provide you with data on search volume and CPC.


In this case, you should focus more on keyword and ad group concepts, as both are beneficial to SEO. It’s about the relevant terms from the Ads Group Ideas that offer you an idea of what to search for in general.


This provides us with useful information such as average monthly searches, competition, and so on. This allows us to handle both SEO and PPC at the same time, and we’ve discovered that keywords outperform cones both organically and in terms of advertising.

Google Keyword Planner Advantages:

🟢 It’s completely free.

🟢 Provide a plethora of keyword suggestions for articles.

🟢 It’s quite simple to use.

Google Keyword Planner Disadvantages:

🔴 The data in Google Keyword Planner are less reliable.


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