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Story of Prasad Lendwe : FinnovationZ Founder

Story of Prasad Lendwe in his own Words

People around me, always says me that, prasad you are very lucky. but perhaps they don’t know how much hardwork it takes.

Before starting convey, I had started two startups.

And both of them failed miserably.

At that time i had absolutely no money to regularise expenses of my first startup,

That time I used to work in the call centre of a Telecom company on the part time basis,

And whatever money i got from there, i used to put in that startup.

Later on, we got some products in convey also, which did not work.

We also launched an app called Infovationz, which also failed.

But we have learnt from these failures and have grown till this point.

But the learning from this event has been very important in my today’s growth.

Our society always tells us that we must not fail. But I believe that certain failures teach us a lot of things. And therefore we must try new things, and whenever we try new things, we may fail.

But when we start taking things positively, and start learning from the mistakes, only then we will start seeing some growth in life, some real improvement in life.

So at the end, i have a small request. Do not always expect “hunky dory” situations.

Life is going to bring all sorts of things for you.

When the bad things happen, then we will realise the value of good things.

When you meet failures in life, only then you will realise the value of success.

And then you will enjoy your success.


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