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digitalsunilsah Answered question 05/06/2021

Step by Step Tutorial to add Sub Domains to your Website in Siteground.

  1. Log in to your Siteground dashboard
  2. Select the domain or website for which you want to create a sub-domain
  3. Go to Site Tools/Manage
  4. Go to Domains > Sub Domains from the left navigation tabs.
  5. Now “Create New Subdomain” page will appear
  6. Enter the subdomain keyword you want. A subdomain can be used to create a completely different website.
  7. You can have a long word or word as short as 2 letters as the subdomain keyword.
  8. Click on ‘Create’
  9. Now you can see that the subdomain is created.
  10. Now you can install an application like WordPress Note that you cannot have the same WordPress site in the main domain and the subdomain.

Now let’s see How can you create sub-domains which needs to be redirected to some other website?

For this, after you create the sub-domain

  1. Goto DNS Zone Editor
  2. Make sure the correct domain is chosen in the dropdown.
  3. Create New Record A
  4. Enter subdomain name
  5. Enter the IP address to which you want to redirect the subdomain link
  6. Check Domain Pointing instruction for more details
digitalsunilsah Answered question 05/06/2021