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How can I include a PDF in my WordPress posts and pages?

digitalsunilsah Answered question 05/06/2021

How to embed PDF files in WordPress?

We will be using an awesome FREE plugin. We’ll be able to add these PDFs to our different pages and posts and it’s only going to take us a few seconds.

This is how to embed PDF files in WordPress:

This is going to work with any type of PDF and we can add them to both pages and posts.

Once we have our PDF file and we know where we’re wanting it to go on our site we just need it.

Now let’s install the plug-in:

  1. Go to your site’s WordPress dashboard
  2. Hover over where it says plugins on the left and click add new
  3. Type the words “PDF Embedder” into the search bar in the top right and then when it shows up we can install and activate this plug-in
  4. Once the plugin is activated on our site we just need to hover over media on the left and click add new
  5. Now we can click select files in the middle and then we’re going to search for the PDF on our computer
  6. Just need to click on it and click open the uploaded
  7. Once it’s been uploaded we can visit the page or post we’re wanting to add the PDF to
  8. Click edit at the top. Click the plus symbol the add a new block and choose PDF embedder
  9. Click here to open the media library choose the PDF we uploaded earlier
  10. Click select in the bottom right at this point we’ll see the shortcode that represents our PDF
  11. Now it appears in the editor and we have a few options here on the right so
  12. We can add a maximum height or width if we like
  13. We can also choose where we’d like the PDF toolbar to appear
  14. Update the page and now when we view the page we’ll see that the PDF is now live on our site then we can scroll through the different pages of our PDF using the toolbar and we can also zoom in to make it larger.

So that’s how you can embed any PDF files in your WordPress blog.

digitalsunilsah Answered question 05/06/2021