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What is Quora? How to use Quora for Business?

In today’s article, we will learn what is Quora Marketing? And How to use Quora for Business? If you want to build professional branding and authority for yourself and your business, easily reach your potential and target customers online, build your online community or send relevant traffic to your blog website, then Quora is the best platform.

Introduction to Quora

It is a social media platform where people from all over the world share their knowledge with each other by creating their own Quora account for free, answering each other’s questions. And give their expert advice to each other on different topics.

There is approximately 300 Million active monthly user in Quora. More than 3,00,000 different topics are discussed here, people come here to ask their questions and those people who know the correct and accurate answer to that question, they answer those questions.

What is Quora Question and Answer Platform

Many people can give their answer to a question, while writing any answer, you can also give images, text, video, GIF and a link to your blog or website.

Those whose answers are better, Quora looks up to them and also promotes them on the Quora Platform.

With this, your questions get answered, as well as your network also keeps on increasing, you get to know more and more people and people start knowing you.

Quora users who create their account in Quora can also ask questions and can also answer questions from others, it is all free, you do not need to pay any amount to become a quora user.

Also, if you are an active user in Quora, who often answers the questions asked by people and asks questions to them, then many Quora users will check your profile, know about you and this way you can become famous by doing your branding from the quora platform.

Quora also gives such people a chance to earn money by getting them included in its QPP(Quora Partner Program) program.

Today we will know how to use Quora for Business Marketing. In today’s article, we will know in detail what is Quora? Why should you use Quora in Marketing? And how to increase the authority of your business, brand from Quora.

Let’s start.

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What is Quora?

Quora is an American Question and Answer Website that was created on June 25, 2009 in mountain view California and in 2010 it became available for public use.

The founders of Quora are Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, who are residents of America, these people optimized this website for use in many languages ​​and launched it for free for people all over the world, due to which any person in the world. You can also use all the features of this platform by creating your free account in quora from the corner.

Why is Quora used?

Quora is an American Question and Answer website where people gain knowledge and also share their expertise and knowledge. The purpose of creating this website is also that people from all over the world share their knowledge with each other.

If you want knowledge about anything related to your Niche, Industry, then you can ask questions on Quora and you will get very good and correct answers there.

Whatever question you have in your mind, you can ask Quora users and you can expect expert answers from here.

How to use Quora for Business?

Quora has more than 300 Million monthly active users and more than 3,00,000 topics are discussed here which simply means you can get customers and marker support for whatever your business is on Quora.

But how to use Quora for business purposes?

1. Market Research

Many big companies, industries and marketers, whenever they think of launching any new products, services, startup, business or any project, they need market research, to understand its future demand in the market before starting that work. K, to get the opinion of the people.

Quora is a very good platform from where you can know the opinion of people and do market research for your new work by asking different types of questions.

2. Branding & Promotion

What is Quora How to use Quora for Business Quora for Product Promotion and Branding

If you want to do branding and promotion of yourself, your blog website and your business, then Quora will help you.

Quora is a platform where you can attract people’s attention by producing amazing and user engaging content related to your business and also improve your business brand value.

3. Get Customers and Build Your Audience

You will find many people, groups and communities in Quora who can be interested in your business, products and services, you have to target those people with your content marketing strategies and make your customers and also build your community online.

4. Increase sales

You will not believe that you can also make sales from the Quora platform, whatever products and services you deal in, you will find many people on quora and you can sell on quora by telling them about your products and services.

For example, I do website design and in quora, I met many people who were asking how to make a business website? How to grow business online? How to do Digital Marketing? All these became my potential customers for me, I helped them by telling them about the website design and later said that I can make a website for you in contact.

From there I got very good clients, similarly you can earn money by helping people by searching questions related to your product and services.


In today’s article, we learned what is Quora Marketing? And How to use Quora in Hindi? I hope you must have got some value and you too will definitely use Quora for business.


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