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Email Marketing Keywords with Low Competition

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to generate leads, build relationships with their customers, and increase their sales.

Email marketing is an essential tool for every marketer. It’s an easy way to reach out to your customers and keep them up-to-date on your products and services. It also allows you to promote new offers or discounts in a personalized manner, which can lead to increased sales.

The benefits of email marketing are huge: it’s a cost-effective way of reaching out to your target audience, it allows you to personalize content, it can be automated so that you don’t have to spend hours sending emails manually etc.

If you are a Blogger and you are looking for keywords in email marketing English then check out the table below.

Basic Keyword Research Terms

Keyword Volume: 

Keyword volume is a metric that can be used to find the level of competition for a given keyword. The higher the keyword volume, the more competitive it is. It’s a good idea to use keywords with the lower competition when you’re optimizing your content for search engines.

Keyword Difficulty: 

Keyword difficulty is a ranking factor that is used by Google’s algorithm to determine the relevance of a webpage. It is one of the most important factors in SEO and it helps determine how high the webpage will rank in search engine results pages.

A page with a keyword difficulty score of 100 will rank on page 1 for all queries related to that keyword, while a page with a keyword difficulty score of 10 will only rank on page 2 or 3 for those queries.


Cost-Per-Click is the amount of money an advertiser pays to a search engine or other advertising platform each time the ad is clicked.

CPC is a metric that advertisers use to measure the success of their ads. It’s also called Cost Per Click, or CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

The higher your CPC, the more you pay for clicks on your ads. The lower your CPC, the less you pay for clicks on your ads.

Competitive Density

Competitive Density is a measure of the number of competitors for the keywords. A high competitive density can make it difficult for any blogger to rank on the first page of Google.

Number of Results: 

It is the number of websites or references that Google can show when you type in a particular keyword in the Google search bar.

Email Marketing keywords for your blog

KeywordVolumeKeyword DifficultyCPC (USD)Competitive DensityNumber of Results
liz wilcox email marketing2400229.880.15229000
email marketing b2b lead generation2602920.360.0916700000
email marketing for dentistry2601700.0835600000
email marketing lead generation2602719.010.21152000000
email marketing para hoteles260400.0145000000
email marketing sri lanka – the creative web team2601700.2988
email marketing companies in philadelphia210180026800000
email marketing companies miami2102100.271900000
email marketing companies philadelphia210110047200000
in email marketing what is a relationship email210253.740.03625000000
chatbots and email marketing1702014.320.247940000
ecommerce email marketing agency1702917.020.3627000000
email marketing agencies dallas17018000
email marketing boston ma1701600.494800000
email marketing dallas texas1701516.010.3536200000
email marketing nashville tn1701800.2518200000
email marketing specialist salary vancouver170200082
how can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy1702510.110.07430000
tecnicas de email marketing170190034500000
email marketing for lawyers1402721.210.070
email marketing icon1402818.720.02987000000
enterprise email marketing1402525.180.07417000000
b2c email marketing1102220.790.3721000000
breakthrough email marketing insiders110110073
email marketing books1102812.421729000000
email marketing for dentists1101416.370.1615400000
email marketing for financial advisors1102416.940.23185000000
email marketing manager jobs110221.260.1680000000
email marketing services australia1101800564000000
email marketing specialist jobs110251.40.12409
raiser’s edge email marketing110199.90.1880
austin email marketing agency90220029700000
b2b email marketing agency903027.720.4716100000
benefits of video in email marketing902000393000000
cannabis email marketing90220035900000
chooses to receive marketing emails say901600412000000
do’s and don’ts of email marketing902700.241700000000
email marketing agency uk90216.40.08173000000
email marketing australia902517.480.46815000000
email marketing case study902913.540.18570000000
email marketing coordinator90224.390.20
email marketing dubai901700.43113000000
email marketing jobs no experience90241.290.58715000000
email marketing kauai900001860000
email marketing manager resume90298.50.185200000
email marketing perth9050027000000
email marketing phoenix az901600.0727800000
email marketing san diego901900.0499100000
email marketing services in pakistan90224.530.87136000000
email marketing to lawyers903024.120.1550400000
email marketing to seniors90145.180.3939100000
gartner email marketing magic quadrant 2019902900132000
hoe werkt email marketing9027002310000
hubspot email marketing certification answers90302.860.0365
hvac email marketing902020.250.2722200000
outsource email marketing902525.10.158200000
outsourced email marketing902634.880.328940000
pardot email marketing902313.750.362190000
raiser’s edge nxt email marketing9020100.4455
reddit email marketing902717.250.26427000000
toast email marketing902318.920.3712600000
dental email marketing701518.520.1395100000
dispensary email marketing702100.12250000
email marketing do’s and don’ts702511.460.251400000000
email marketing florida70826.590.17293000000
email marketing for tax professionals701922.770.59151000000
email marketing memes70249.190.0514900000
email marketing remote jobs70241.010.38149000000
email marketing services dallas701100.0775200000
email marketing services houston702000.0282400000
email marketing services uk702300918000000
email marketing singapore701700.71423000000
hipaa compliant email marketing702329.090.78785000
how much to charge for email marketing70294.660.34636000000
law firm email marketing703025.740.09117000000
magento email marketing702626.910.0913800000
mortgage email marketing702111.630.3161400000
sms marketing vs email marketing702510.840.2170000000
urbana il email marketing701800.1485
agencia email marketing5070039100000
best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing502714.350.23252000
cannabis dispensary email marketing501800430000
email marketing agency dubai50110015900000
email marketing agency florida501400.1842500000
email marketing agency london5015000
email marketing cannabis50180041200000
email marketing companies uk5023280.061020000000
email marketing company houston501400.0186100000
email marketing denver501316.840.156700000
email marketing efectivo5080011400000
email marketing ejemplos503040.3621000000
email marketing for accountants502500.1128200000
email marketing for insurance agencies502910.670.03142000000
email marketing for musicians503017.310.51620000000
email marketing hubspot certification answers50153.020.0572
email marketing lancaster5000016500000
email marketing nj50800.04135000000
email marketing romania501100145000000
email marketing services melbourne5050041000000
email marketing services san diego502700.2458900000
email marketing skills50296.470.21705000000
email marketing to schools502614.340.31369000000
email marketing vancouver50200.7143200000
financial advisor email marketing502315.880.22122000000
higher education email marketing502918.910.26811000000
inbound email marketing502920.570.1437500000
jewelry email marketing501717.90.1460100000
klaviyo email marketing & sms5018270.49187000
marijuana email marketing50210013900000
marketo email performance report501318.210.117080000
marketo email suspended502400.0292
prestashop email marketing501600.046020000
sms vs email marketing502715.60.42158000000
travel email marketing502718.050.191220000000
vacation rental email marketing50135.990.1514100000

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