You are currently viewing Chat GPT: The AI chatbot has Everyone Talking to it 
Chat GPT: The AI chatbot has Everyone Talking to it 

Chat GPT: The AI chatbot has Everyone Talking to it 

Let’s talk about a technology that is threatening to kill Google. If you haven’t heard of chat GPT you’ve been living under a rock. It’s a new software it can write your essays and emails, do your math worksheets, clear an MBA exam, play or teach, become your lawyer, the possibilities seem endless.

First things first what is chat GPT?

GPT stands for generative pre-trained Transformer GPT and the prefix chat means that it allows you to get all that you’re looking for in a simple chat. Chat GPT is a conversational artificial intelligence platform it’s been developed by a research lab called Open AI. It allows humans to engage in conversations with AI Bots, AI of course is artificial intelligence. So you’re talking to robots generative AI like chat GPT is Making Waves.

Venture Capital firms have invested more than 1.7 billion dollars in such AI Solutions since 2020, 1.7 billion into years. Studies Say by 2025, 30% of outbound messages from companies will be synthetically generated meaning 30 of all the messages will be written by Bots last year. This figure was 2% and by 2030 listen to this by 2030, 90% of a major Blockbuster film will be generated by artificial intelligence.

As of now AI is not making any films. So this technology is revolutionary to say the least.

Chat GPT: The AI chatbot has Everyone Talking to it 
Chat GPT: The AI chatbot has Everyone Talking to it 

How does chat GPT work?

It is available on the web search for open AI or chat GPT and it will take you to that website. No download is required. You simply have to type your query in the text box on the chat GPT page, you prompt the program with a word, a sentence, a question, a phrase and once you’ve given this prompt you’ll get the answer within seconds.

Chat GPT can also answer follow-up questions, it can challenge incorrect premises, reject inappropriate queries and even admit its mistakes. Chat GPT has stirred up quite a storm. Students are using it to do their homework, cheating has never been this easy, they can plagiarize content without the fear of being caught in schools and colleges.

In France, the US and in India are already Banning the use of this software but it’s not just education that’s being disrupted it’s the same story across sectors. The legal fraternity for one is worried businesses are worried what if chat GPT offers Law Services, what if it takes away a job.

Chat GPT took an MBA exam at the Wharton School of Business, you know the grade it got a B that’s better than what many humans can score then we come to law professors at the Minnesota University law school gave Chat GPT four separate tests it’s called an average grade of C, not bad for a bot and it’s still being developed it’s still learning.

Is Chat GPT a Threat?

What we see right now is not even the final product it’s got people worried like software engineers and those in the I.T sector. Chat GPT is learning how to code and that can have far-reaching consequences for a lot of people. Open AI, the makers of the software have been on a hiring spree. They’re building a Data Bank for this bot to learn coding, the whole Endeavor might fail but if it succeeds it will change our world. The software already excels at writing it can produce content within seconds.

We’re talking about content that is comprehensive, grammatically sound and without typos. All you need is a prompt, it can be a keyword or a simple sentence. Where does that leave the writers of the world. Well we’ve been looking for some good writers ourselves so we tried chat GPT.

Theories or Subjects is not the only thing you can discuss with this Chat GPT, you can talk about matters of Love, breakup or a crush if you have existential questions shoot them it will respond.

The whole thing’s a bit creepy though we share our worries we asked it “If it plans to take over the human race”?

Listen to what it said : “As an AI language model, I do not have the ability or intention to take over the human race or any other group of people. My purpose is to assist users in generating text by providing relevant and accurate information based on the prompts given to me.

But this came with a caveat and I’m quoting again “The future of AI will depend on the choices and actions of those who develop and use it. It is important for individuals and institutions to work together to ensure that AI is used for the betterment of society like any technology. AI can be misused or have unintended consequences if not used responsibly.

I know it’s a lot to take in chatting with this bot is pretty much like talking to a human in fact you might just have a better conversation with the bot than with an actual person. It’s both fascinating and dangerous. Children have easy access to chat GPT and it can be quite addictive where will that leave are people-to-people skills.

Thankfully the software has some limitations for starters.

It cannot vouch for the accuracy of what it writes. The program cannot function without human intervention at least for now it’s still work in progress, it has data till 2021. So we humans are two years ahead of it but it’s a revolution that we cannot wish away never thought I’d be saying this but I guess it’s best to take advice from this bot and work to build ethical and legal boundaries for such technology.


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