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10 Ways To Make Money From Blog in 2023

Making money online is the most trending topic these days. Lots of students and youngsters are searching over the internet for ways to make money online. And most of the information you find available on the Internet is half true or even false.

If you really want to earn money from the internet, then today we will tell you how you can kickstart your journey and make money from your Blog.

Earning money on the Internet is not a big deal, there are many ways you to make money. But the path you choose should have high potential and should be able to generate passive income in the long run.

One such method is Blogging. Yes, you can easily earn money from blogging.

Here we are going to tell you 10 ways to Make Money From Blog. But before that let us know what a blog is and how to make a blog.

What is Blogging?

A blog is a type of online journal where people can write about topics that are important to them. Many individuals use it as a diary, and some people blog for a living.

How do Bloggers Make Money?

The majority of bloggers begin by selling services through their blogs. However, when their audience grows, they use strategies such as adverts, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing to boost their site income. The most successful bloggers take a multifaceted strategy to monetizing their sites.

10 Ways To Make Money From Blog in 2022

1. Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles are blog posts that are paid for by brands or individuals. They’re essentially advertorials in the sense that they’re a sponsored advertisement written in an editorial style. Brands can reach out to you to generate sponsored posts on your site, whether you’re posting about the latest goods for new moms or personal finance.

You can market your sponsored posts by including a pricing list on your contact page on your website. However, you could want to start by reaching out to local businesses (and brands that other bloggers in your area have collaborated with) and asking if they’d be interested in sponsoring a post on your site. Make sure to indicate how much traffic your site receives as well as the number of followers you have.

2. Ebooks

Selling digital products is the second most popular method to make money from blog. If you’re a subject matter specialist, ebooks are a popular path for many bloggers.

When it comes to producing an ebook, you don’t always have to start from the beginning. You may always take the most popular blog subjects and arrange them in a logical sequence to save time. The majority of blog readers do not have the time to read each and every post. So don’t be scared to repurpose the information you’ve already developed into a different format.

3. Online Courses

Making and selling online courses is another method to make money blogging. If you want to make money by creating content but don’t like writing, this could be an excellent option for you.

You have the option of selling your online course on your own website or through a company like Udemy. You get access to possible new consumers by hosting it on Udemy, but you are limited by Udemy’s Terms of Service. If you host your own course, though, you’ll need to promote it actively or have a large audience to generate money.

You can also look at other free or paid courses in your niche to compile the greatest content and minimise rivals’ flaws. So keep an eye out for competitor course reviews to discover what kind of information consumers truly desire to see in a course.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing pays you for linking to or otherwise endorsing items or services if someone buys something after visiting your site and clicking on a link. You’ll get a percentage or flat-rate commission if someone buys after viewing your site.


You could, for example, create a product review blog article and be compensated if someone purchases as a result of your review. Our SiteGround review is an example of this in action. We receive a small commission if someone signs up for SiteGround as a result of our review. Alternatively, you can curate or mention numerous products at once.

The crucial thing to remember is that the buyer pays the same price whether they buy something through an associate or directly from the vendor.

5. Start a Podcast

The popularity of podcasting is skyrocketing right now. According to Paid Insights, there are over 700,000 active podcasts and over 29 million episodes as of April 2019.

Around the world, more people are starting to listen to podcasts. The percentage of people who presently listen to podcasts around the world is as follows:
If you already have a blog, adding a podcast can be a great way to increase traffic by capitalising on the growing popularity of podcasts.


Podcasts are particularly useful for newcomers, as most established blogs in your industry offer more written content than you do.

How many of them, though, have a podcast?

Entrepreneur on Fire’s John Lee Dumas was able to increase his revenue from $69,879 in 2012 to $1,545,090 in 2018.

6. Join Display Network Ads

Technically, AdSense is a display network and the most opted method to make money from blog. But, because it’s so popular, I made a whole category for it. However, AdSense isn’t your only alternative. There are a slew of additional networks where you simply paste a code into your website and begin displaying adverts.

We’ve already covered various AdSense alternatives, but here are a few more:



7. Native Advertising

Paid advertisements that match the purpose, feel and appearance of the media type in which they appear are referred to as native advertising. These ads are frequently seen in social media feeds.

In contrast to banner ads and display ads, they do not appear to be advertisements. Another common way to make money from blogging is through native advertising. A blogger uses native advertising to integrate a marketing message for an advertiser in such a way that it resembles an editorial rather than an ad.

To supplement your blogging income, explore these native advertising options:

· Mgid
· Taboola
· Adsense as it also has native ads
· Outbrain, which offers high-quality native ads

8. Video blogging on YouTube

It’s a growing style of blogging in which video bloggers talk about and demonstrate their daily lives while also building a community. Vlogs are very popular on YouTube, and successful video bloggers can make a lot of money.

Among the most popular video blogging subjects are:

  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Motivation
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Music

9. Sell text links

If your blog gets a lot of organic traffic, you might want to try text-link ads, which involve linking a piece of text on your site to another site’s page.

To avoid a Google penalty, make sure you utilise the Nofollow tag before attempting these.

LinkWorth is a popular text-link network that also offers rotating text ads, paid reviews, and other features.

If you pay using Paypal, the minimum payout is $25, and if you pay with check, wire transfer, or EFT, the minimum payout is $100.

10 Ecommerce Site

Selling things directly to your audience is another option to monetise your site. Some bloggers even go from selling a few goods on their blogs to developing full-fledged ecommerce websites.


Beardbrand, for example, began as a blog where founder Eric Bandholz wrote about beard grooming before beginning to sell the beard grooming items for which Beardbrand is now renowned.

Eric converted his beard blog into a successful business that has been featured in the New York Times, Inc., and Shark Tank, and currently generates over $100,000 per month.

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